-Nancy, Account Manager

"Dana is a very approachable, personal and calming person. Her smile lights up my session as I call her on Face Time. We first do a breathing exercise to get all the unneeded tension out of the way and to focus on the coaching ahead. Over the last year, I took on too many projects/jobs and my head was spinning and I needed direction. Dana and I decided to scale back on the projects/jobs leaving me with only two I can handle to achieve my goals and still have a work/life balance. She made me re-focus on what is important at this time, achieve that goal and than move on to the next project. I can highly recommend Dana." 


-Karen, Senior Procurement Manager

"Dana offered a grounded perspective on the issues keeping me up at night.  She provided me with helpful tools and tricks for me to be more capable of calmly addressing my own concerns. In-session, Dana helped me get to a point of clarity on the topics I wanted to address.  We also agreed to homework for me to advance my situation in-between sessions... best homework assignments I've ever had!"

-Carolyn, Store Manager

Dana is someone who listens wholeheartedly. She listened to me talk about what was going on in my life and what I wanted to accomplish. She then asked a questions to bring more clarity about how I could find more time in my day and feel less anxious throughout it. She gave me weekly tasks that helped me accomplish this."