"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows" - Ralph Marston



Dana's method as a career coach uses positive psychology to help clients move toward a goal with accountability and compassion. With Dana as your coach, you can learn how changing your mindset and approach will empower you to have the career and life that you desire. So often we are limited by our own beliefs and get stuck looking at our lives from a microscopic view. We become laser focused on the one troubling issue and this can create the illusion that everything in our lives or at our company is going wrong. Have you ever had a bad day at work and brought it home with you? Do you find yourself focused solely on the issue staring you in the face instead of taking a step back and looking at the 1,000 foot view? As a career coach, Dana can guide you in exploring conflict resolution, setting boundaries and goals, and finding your true voice. When you know how to communicate your ideas, your needs, and your boundaries you empower yourself to succeed.

Dana is an eternal optimist. She will find a place of growth and positivity in any situation. Having been a successful Medical Device Sales Rep for over 10 years, she decided to leave her job and travel the world for a year. Her whole identity was wrapped up in her career. When it was going well, life was amazing. When there were times of struggle, everything felt like it was falling apart. Have you ever experienced this? A period of time where one role in your life takes over (e.g. being a CEO, a mom, a caregiver, the breadwinner) and everything else falls to the wayside? Dana decided to take back her life and give herself permission to find what made her happy. Subsequently, she left her job, sold most of her belongings and set off to to travel the world and find herself. During the course of her globetrotting, Dana learned that no matter your age or the place you live, we all have similar experiences and we can learn from each other to grow our compassion, empathy and patience exponentially. This discovery brought with it the revelation of her new calling - helping others find their true voice and the courage to speak with it.

She provides one-on-one sessions in person if you are in the Denver area or by phone.

When she isn't working, Dana enjoys a wide variety of hobbies. She grew up on a farm as an equestrian, fiercely independent and determined. She won the title of All-Around World Champion Pinto Horse twice before graduating from Iowa State University with an Animal Science degree. She also competed in ballroom dancing for a few years; if there is music playing, look for her out on the dance floor! Her truly happy place is connecting with nature while hiking or camping out in the mountains and taking photographs. If it's a powder day she is headed for the slopes!



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